How to enjoy fireworks

Do you like to enjoy watching fireworks?

Yes, many people like it.

However, when you want to go to see fireworks, aren’t you concerned about the congestion?

Unfortunately, there are tons of people participating in big fireworks events in Japan!

For example, 1.4 million people are going to see Edogawa-ku hanabi taikai in Tokyo!

So, I guess you might want to avoid the congestion.

Here is a nice solution, if you are planning to visit Shimanami in summer!

In every August, a fireworks event will be held in Mihara city, which is next to Onomichi, the starting place of Shimanami. The name of the event is called, Yassa Hanabi Festa (やっさ花火フェスタ). Although the number of people who go to this event is not as big as other events in Tokyo, it is about 10,000 people, and you might want to avoid the congestion anyway.

So, why don’t you enjoy watching fireworks from Iwashijima, which is next to Mukaishima? Here is the picture I took.

This summer, I enjoyed the fireworks from Iwashijima.
Surprisingly, there were only less than 20 people watching the fireworks! The following is the map, which will help you understand the position of where I enjoyed the fireworks from.

Next year, my coworker and I are planning to go to just under the fireworks by ship!