Finally, I take a ride on the Shinmanami Kaido

Finally, I take a ride on the Shinmanami Kaido.
Here is my report.

My itinerary was to ride a bicycle from Onomichi to Imabari in a day, then stay at a hotel in Imabari. The next day, I returned from Imabari to Onomichi.

Now, this was my first time to take such a long bicycle ride and to ride a road bicycle.

So, how was my trip?

I made a reservation by phone beforehand to rent a road bicycle at the Giant store in the U2 hotel.

This is the one that I rented which cost 12,000 yen for two days.

And, we’re off…Although I don’t think that it is difficult to understand where catch the ferry as it is very close to the U2 Hotel, but just in case I should explain that there are two places where you can catch the ferry. Below is the ferry that departs from nearer the U2 Hotel.

Although the other place is a bit far from the U2 Hotel, the fee is marginally cheaper by 30 yen.

It takes about five minutes to reach Mukaishima by either ferry.

This blue line is the start point to take you to your final destination, Imabari!

When you get off from the ferry, you will see a sign in front of you which has a map of
the Shimanami Kaido written in English, Chinese and Korean, which will raise your spirits!

And you’re off !

遂にShimanami kaidoを走ってきました。