Iwashijima still retains its beauty

This time I’d like to introduce you to Iwashijima, where I lived when I was a junior and a high school student.

出典:岡本 昭夫

I had swam tens of thousands of times on the seashore where Itsukushima jinja is.

Since it is dangerous to swim in the sea in the night, you should not swim. However, one time I swam in the sea in the night with more than twenty friends. A lot of Sea Sparkle produced a beautiful, greenish-blue light in the waves.

Iwashijima still retains its beauty, when I visited there a couple of years ago, I found a stick insect which I rarely see these days.

In fact, Iwashijima is not on the Shimanami kaido. However, some bicyclists are likely to visit Iwashijima. The following video well describes how beautiful Iwashijima’s scenery is.


By the way, I took part in the festival that was held in Iwashijima a few years ago.
To be honest, recently I noticed that Iwashijima was filmed for the movie, “karenoautobike, kanojyonoshima” and the film featured a scene of the festival.

It’s just as it appears in the movie, under the lights in the dark night, a scene of many people dancing to repeated songs imprinted on my mind. I was filled with a nostalgic feeling.

I became fond of bike-riding during my high school and a college student days. I believe that you can enjoy Iwashijima not only by bicycle but also by motorbike when you ride the bike slowly.