Shimanami Trip is only a cycling trip? No!

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My name is Jiaqi Li, a big fan of Shimanami! :bicyclist: :mountain_bicyclist: :bicyclist: :mountain_bicyclist:

For most of my friends, Shimanami is about cycling :bicyclist:, sunshine :sunny:, and sea :ocean:; but here, I wanna show you something more excited—Food! :ramen: :sushi: :fried_shrimp: :fish_cake: :shaved_ice: :bento: :cake: I’m 100% sure that most of you guys may say: Heyyyyy, Shimanami is about Japanese ramen and seafood right? But what is exactly the answer?

Here is the route of our Shimanami trip:

My friend and I spent 5 days there:

:information_desk_person:Day 1: Onomichi city tour

:information_desk_person:Day 2: Shimanami Kaido cycling

:information_desk_person:Day 3: Imabari city tour

:information_desk_person:Day 4: Ookunojima (Rabbit Island) tour

:information_desk_person:Day 5: Miyajima and Hiroshima city tour

:ramen::ramen::ramen: [Day 1] :ramen::ramen::ramen:

Key words: Onomichi Ramen

Many of my Japanese friends told me Onomichi is the best place to find very delicious Ramen and they recommended me to a restaurant called “朱華園”, which is just close to the entrance of Senkouji Ropeway:

You can find very soft pork, bamboo, green Chinese onion, fresh noodle and soup in a big bowl. Usually朱華園 is so popular that people have to wait for 30 minutes to get inside but my friend and I were super lucky—when we arrived at the restaurant, it’s already 2 o’clock in the afternoon, so we just went inside without any time of waiting! Yeah~~:yum: By the way, some travelers said the fried dumplings are also very tasty, I would definitely have a try when I visit Shimanami again :sunglasses:

:bento::bento::bento: [Day 2] :bento::bento::bento:

Key words: Udon, Sushi, Ice Cream, Curry, Fish

I have to say, the second day of cycling along Shimanami Kaido was the most tired day in my life ever! We spent almost 10 hours on the way! But guess what happened, we enjoyed the best food!

That day was hot and we all felt thirsty when the sun was shining happily in the sky. At around 11:00, we arrived at an island called Ikuchijima (生口島) and we found a very lovely ice cream shop called Dolce (ドルチェ)

As you may know, one of the most famous local specialties in Shimanami is salt, so I ordered the ice cream flavor which contained both milk and salt produced in Shimanami–It was absolutely a surprise for me! I never imagined milk+salt could taste that good. It’s like the combination with ocean and sky, blue and white, water and star, gentle and cool.

After the Dolce ice cream shop, we cycled to Setodacho Setoda (瀬戸田瀬戸田町) to find something for lunch. In a long street, we found many restaurants and we chose one called “潮見寿し” because we saw good sample food in the shopwindow.

I ordered a bowl of Udon together with a sushi set.

Personally I would say if you are a bit tired when you arrived at Ikuchijima (生口島), it’s better to have a rest and enjoy your lunch there. You can find the restaurant 潮見寿し on Google Map.

Btw, the two images on Google Map were posted by me :yum:

And after 10 hours exhausting riding, we finally arrived at our destination: Sunrise Itoyama Hotel (サンライズ糸山) in Imabari City. You can find more information about this hotel on

We had supper at this hotel and I have to say that the food there were more than amazing! We ordered three dishes: The curry-chicken pot :curry:, the finish soup :stew:, and French fries :fries:.

:curry:In the curry-chicken pot, you can find rice, egg, potato, carrot, broccoli, chicken, and curry. The good smell and nice temperature made the dish very attractive to us.

:stew:In the fish soup, you can find fresh fish together with fresh tomato and onion, containing the best flavor from the ocean and mountain.

:fries:The French fries with tomato sauce reminded us of the best time in childhood which was incredibly touching and unforgettable.

:stew::stew::stew: [Day 3] :stew::stew::stew:

Key words: Traditional Japanese Breakfast

In the morning, we had breakfast at Hotel Sunrise. Umm…I have to say that breakfast was best ever!

Slightly fried fish, miso soup, tsukemono (漬物), hijiki (ひじき), and rice showed us a good beginning of a day. The traditional Japanese breakfast doesn’t have strong flavor and this is exactly the philosophy of Japanese food culture: Fresh, healthy, and dainty.

In the afternoon when we visited the Imabari City, we had dessert in Fuji Grand Imabari.

Red beans, Macha (green tea flavor) ice cream, strawberry sauce, cream, black sugar, and milk ice all made the dessert fantastic. It’s a relaxing experience to enjoy the dessert in such a hot afternoon.

:ocean::ocean::ocean: [Day 5] :ocean::ocean::ocean:

Key words: Hiroshima oyster

When we visited the super famous “Miyajima (宮島)” in Hiroshima, we saw many restaurants that promoted oyster. Umm…well, have a try!

We chose a restaurant called “Toriiya (鳥居屋)” near the famous shrine in water to enjoy the fresh oyster in Hiroshima:

You can find more information of this restaurant in

Come to visit Shimanami and enjoy the most amazing food here! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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