Soul food in Hiroshima

When I think of well-known specialties in Hiroshima prefecture, okonomiyaki immediately springs to mind!

The size of okonomiyaki is similar to that of pizza. It is made of flour mixed in water and with shredded cabbage, noodle, meat and seafood added to it. It originates from Hiroshima.

出典:美味しい尾道焼き、広島焼きと少し違うお好み焼き SONY NEX FUJI 50F1.4

When I was a child, children would leave school on Saturdays earlier than weekdays and usually go to okonomiyaki restaurant. They would often take a raw egg from home to the Okonomiyaki restaurant and they would ask the Okonomiyaki chef to put it in their Okonomiyaki. However, since children would sometimes fail to take it to the restaurant, I sometimes saw crushed raw eggs on the street!

By the way, it is really important for you to use Otafuku okonomiyaki sauce for okonomiyaki. Many okonomiyaki restaurants in Hiroshima use this sauce. Since my co-worker from India has become fond of eating Okonomiyaki, as I am a native Hiroshima person, I got her Okonomiyaki sauce as a present. She said “I really like its texture!” A lot of cabbage is steamed between two circular sheets type of baked flour and it makes you feel the good crunchy texture. She hopes that her parents who are visiting Japan soon get to enjoy okonomiyaki.

Did you know that? Okonomiyaki sauce was likely to be unavailable when the Iran-Iraq War occurred. Dates, are in fact one of the most important ingredients for making delicious okonomiyaki sauce, are harvested in Iraq, and when the war occurred, there was a possibility that the base ingredients for okonomiyaki would not be imported to Japan. However, fortunately, a trading company had a lot of dates on hand and okonomiyaki sauce remained available.

Interestingly, restaurants that serve Onomichi ramen, and other restaurants that serve traditional Hiroshima foods, such as Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki, are difficult to find outside Hiroshima.

When you visit Hiroshima, you cannot miss them!