Two Canadian interns with two Japanese staff members enjoy Shimanami kaido! (dmr!)

I work for a company called dmr! where we accept overseas interns from various countries and run a trial operation of remote work.

“Shimanami Kaido” which connects Onomichi city in Hiroshima Prefecture and is the home town of dmr!'s CEO between Imabari city in Ehime Prefecture is becoming popular among foreign cyclists in the past few years

As a part of the remote work, dmr!'s CEO and 2 Canadian interns from Waterloo University and I worked on introducing “Shimanami Kaido” to foreigners, so we made this video.

It was the first time for the 2 Canadian interns and me, not only “Shimanami Kaido” but also to run 70km on bicycle in our entire lives. I remember that initially I was anxious but thrilled for it.

Looking back at Shimanami by watching this video, it reminds me not only of the beautiful scenery of “Shimanami Kaido”, we ran the hills while sweating, we practiced video shooting on bicycle in the park in a raining cold day that we could see our breath, the scene of discussing on the cycling route in the team members and the sense of accomplishment when I arrived the goal in Imabari. “Shimanami” trip was a very valuable experience for us.

We chose and licensed “Zone of zen” which is taken from the album 「Zone of zen」 by a collaboration of Cradle Orchestra and Shing02 for the BGM of this video. Cradle Orchestra is a unit of our former co-worker Tomoki Seto. We are planning to create a next video which will focus on Onomichi city.






この動画のBGMには、私たちの会社の元スタッフである、瀬戸智樹さんのユニットCradle OrchestraとShing02のコラボによるアルバム、「Zone of zen」の収録曲から"Zone of zen"をライセンスして使用しています。尾道を中心に撮影した第二弾の動画も製作予定です。