Which hotel to stay?

Is this really Onomichi?

I hadn’t been back to my home town in a long time and the Onomichi that I saw was one that I hadn’t ever seen before; it’s become so fashionable!

In particular, the U2 a shopping centre looks just like South Street Seaport in New York.

出典 尾道ロハス紀行

There are a bread shop that sells breads using only local ingredients, called Butti, and the bicycle maker, Giant that have opened their stores in the mall.

Its main feature is of course hotel, The Hotel Cyclist.

It’s possible to take bicycles into the rooms. In addition, you can send your bicycle to the hotel and the hotel will keep it.

出典 バゲットとネコと自転車ライフ

Onomichi is known as a place where temperature is mild and The Hotel Cyclist is located in a place where you can feel the mild Seto Sea breeze.

Sir Paul Smith, the fashion designer who originally wanted to be a racing cyclist visited The Hotel Cyclist and became fond of it;so, he designed clothes for The Hotel Cyclist.

When I visited the hotel, I found that one of the columns is even inscribed with Paul Smith’s signature.

If you are a big fan of the bicycle, you should definitely stay there!

Reservation (English) The Hotel Cyclist





地元の食材を使ったパン屋さんButtiや、言わずと知れた自転車メーカー、Giantのショップなどの出店している複合施設がこのU2。そしてその中核をなすのが、サイクリストのためのホテル、Hotel Cycleです。


尾道は瀬戸内海に面した穏やかな気候の場所で知られており、瀬戸内の穏やかな海風の感じられる場所に立地しているのがこのHotel Cycleです。

あのPaul SmithもHotel Cycle、そして尾道を気に入ってコラボレーションの服のデザインを手がけました。
私が訪れた時も柱にPaul Smithの直筆のサインがしてありました。

尾道の温暖な海風を感じながら宿泊できる、Hotel Cycle、cyclistなら是非一度は泊まってみたいものです